Zoho Implementation

Delivering CRM, Marketing & Customer Service solutions to a wide variety of companies & industries. We have been a satisfied partner of Zoho offering an award-winning Zoho suite of business solutions to our clients. At STARLink global, we not only implement software but also provide solutions to our clients to boost productivity and remove inefficiencies in their businesses.

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Zoho Certified & Premium Partner

We at STARLink global bring Zoho certified and experienced business team bringing a specialized skill set that enables your business to make smart technology investments, improve practices, and save time and money. Through open collaboration with you and your team, we help you bridge the gap between technology solutions and business needs.

Our approach

Our approach to Zoho is four-pronged with years of experience.

  • Support
  • Launch
  • Build
  • Discover


The discovery phase is incremental to understanding how your business runs, and how you want it to run and ensures a successful Zoho implementation that fits. This discovery phase is integral to all of STARLink Global CRM’s consulting projects. We take a wider look at your business by analyzing expectations and performance gaps. Through our workshop format, we will discuss and review your sales, accounting operations, processes, and marketing to fully understand your requirements. When required, based on our workshop, we propose solutions and also offer further recommendations.

Zoho Discovery reports
Zoho Dashboard is open and Marketplace section is selected


To ensure that the project is delivered as identified with all the stakeholders the discovery findings are used in the build phase. Agile methodology-adaptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery, and continuous improvement- is used, most commonly on site. The use of Agile methodology ensures a rapid and flexible response to change.


The solution is delivered to the stakeholders at hand so that it is ensured that all the requirements are met in the Discovery and build phase. We aim to ensure that our solution fits your business like a glove.

Secondly, we train your team so that they can use the solution from the get-go. This ensures that you do not need to call us or engage with us every single time a problem arises.

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A graphical depiction of Zoho Support service


We provide support services from 9 to 6 with a local response to your queries. If we fail to provide you with what you need we have a direct line with Zoho and their development teams.

How we work with Zoho

Partnering up with Zoho has scaled up our company since its inception. We are in regular contact with the development team at Zoho to support our client’s project while also partnering up with the Zoho Community Team to provide quarterly training sessions that are insightful and interactive. We do not work with a middle man. When you work with us you are working with Zoho.

Zoho implementation is being hindered by the multitude of overwhelming features

We aim to customize and automate Zoho CRM to make it fit your business. Many businesses attempt to implement their CRM with failure or poor results. But we a STARLink Global solve Zoho CRM issues for our clients every day. By choosing STARLink Global as your Zoho partner we will be with you every step of the way and not just through the implementation phase.

Benefits of Zoho Implementation

Zoho One:

Increase your sales and lower your costs by shifting to a single platform for all you work instead of relying on different platforms.

Eliminate Silo mentality and maximize growth:

Does your company lack a cross-functional team alignment due to the existence of silos? Then contact STARLink Global to maximize your growth.

Full visibility of prospects:

By partnering with Zoho through STARLink Global we provide full visibility of your prospects.

Zoho CRM Packages
    Hands-on help   Budget solution   Premium solution   Bespoke service
  ZOHO CRM VERSION Standard or professional Professional only Professional or enterprise Enterprise or CRM+
  CRM SOLUTION DESIGN         –           – Written to specification Written to specification
  CRM BUILD  On-site day design Custom CRM build Custom CRM build Custom CRM build
  CRM TRANSACTIONAL PROCESS         –             –              – Quotes, orders, or invoicing
  CRM SYSTEM SETUP   Base setup Security access mode Security access mode Security access mode
  DATA MIGRATION      –       – Templates provided Hands-on preparation
  REPORTS AND DASHBOARDS      – 3 custom reports 5 custom reports 10 custom reports
  TRAINING 1 CRM training day Custom CRM training 2 user training sessions 3 user training sessions
  GOOGLE APPS INTEGRATION Basic guidance Set up included Setup included Hands-on setup
  WORKFLOW AUTOMATION      – Setup included 2-4 custom workflows 4-6 custom workflows
  OTHER INTEGRATIONS Standard campaigns Zoho app integration Zoho app integration

Why choose STARLink Global?


We at STARLink Global are aware of the technical know-how and aim to blend it with the best possible solution for your business using Zoho. We show a unique ability to transform a blank sheet into a fully customized solution to fit your needs.


We liaise closely with the Zoho teams of each application to update them regarding the requirements of our customers while also ensuring that our customers are provided with the latest Zoho improvements. We aim to build a close relationship with our customers based on trust, professionalism, transparency, and communication.

Our promise

We promise to create a solution that is integrated so that different parts of your business work together in harmony. Through Zoho, we ensure a solution that will link your business units seamlessly together.

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