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For businesses with inadequate knowledge about web development services, it is quite simple to miss out on many productive opportunities due to updated technology. Our web design and development team helps to transform your brand to the next level by attracting more audiences to your business.

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Custom Web design and development:

Web development is the technical part of any website, and only the top IT professionals at STARLink Global can help you create a trendsetting platform. We are on board with some of the best web designers and developers in the Uk who promise to meet your website goals.

Our topmost priority is to help you grow! When you get in touch with us, our team will be doing thorough research on your business field first. Whether you’re a hardware store owner, freelance photographer, or small company owner, a website development company Liverpool like STARLink Global will be your partner in bringing you massive revenues.

Our custom website design and development are what you require for bringing your vision, idea, and brand to reality. We make your website as user-friendly as you can imagine for the successful marketing of your business.

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Professional Web Development Services offered by our skilled team members build and maintain the websites using WordPress, Concrete5, CodeIgniter, and Laravel. Our web design and development are structured around LAMP technologies – Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP.

STARLink Global’s expertise will design a platform where you can easily capture customers and sell your items online. However, it may seem like a tough job for someone who isn’t properly immersed in this field. No worries! As award-winning Liverpool website development agency, STARLink Global is here to guide you.

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STARLink Global is a leading Liverpool website development company waiting for you to provide our extraordinary services. Our every team member is trained with a passion for improving your business visibility. Through our custom website development feature you can easily customize your website according to your needs.

8-Step Process of website design & development

Our simple 8-step process of website design and development outlined below is quick and simple. As for bigger projects, our website development services have a high-end process to work meticulously through the various phases leading efficiently to completion.

1. Discovery Session – A review of the existing brand standards and guidelines to find out and lay in the order of priority the organization’s objectives and goals.

2. Site Map & Content Matrix– Outlines features of individual pages such as page name, goals, descriptions, URLs, SEO keywords, etc.

3. Wireframes– Details the structure of the key pages and website layouts.

4. Stylescape Sheet– Outlines the design features of the website (e.g., colors, typography, imagery, etc).

5. Content & Photography– Developing and importing content and photographs into the website is also an important part of our web development services.

6. Page Layouts– Complete layouts which become the pages of the website.

7. Coding– Development of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS along with any server-side development such as PHP/MySQL.

8. Testing and Deployment– Web development services also include testing the website to check its functionality before launching it on the internet.

Planning and strategy:

STARLink Global’s main priority is to create simple, easy-to-use, websites that will help you win more business.

To ensure each web development project is delivered to satisfaction;

1. All websites developed at STARLink Global are custom designed to your bespoke requirements and online experiences to excite and engage your audience. However, we also understand that some consumers have no idea what they want from their website; This is where our professionals come in, and with their guidance, we can quickly get your creative juices flowing!

3. With our company’s award-winning experience, we also make sure it's an eye-catching, user-friendly website for your target audience too. This will majorly facilitate you in further strengthening your business in all aspects, particularly in the post-Covid era.

5. STARLink Global's Website Quality Assurance specialists guarantee that your end-users have a working user interface and a consistent user experience when accessing your web application. They observe it to see if any issues were ignored during the design and development process. If you're looking for top-notch experience, you'll need true competence which you will be provided at STARLink Global.

7. At last, to build the best possible solution to frequent website difficulties, STARLink Global and its experts are guided by you and your customer experience afterward too. However, our websites are specially developed, optimized for all devices, fully responsive, and SEO-ready, ensuring that your website succeeds right away without any problems.

2. STARLink Global's expertise covers a wide range of domains, from simple projects like website development to more complicated web-based applications. Our web developers collaborate with highly talented visual designers to produce a state of the art websites that build an impressive digital presence, but while still being easily recognized by search engines.

4. Considering every aspect of your branding (aims, objectives, future growth, and obstacles), we create an insight-driven approach to get the platform perfect for you and your audience. STARLink global will also do a detailed analysis of your currently developed website and competitors to have a thorough understanding of your market.

6. Before going live, our team will offer you a demo link as well as any necessary training. Our experts will address any feedback you have before finally putting the site live.

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