Translation Services

STARLink Global provides a wide range of translation services to its clients who aim to produce marketing content in several international languages. Our company has a team of experienced and professional native tongue translators who can translate content belonging to different sectors of the industry. These translators also have wide commercial knowledge that helps them translate efficiently.

STARLink Global has provided translation services to different companies where we have translated scientific and technical content into international languages. This content was further used in brochures, on websites, in technical documentation, on display equipment, and as social media content.

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The Process of Translation

To translate content for our clients, our in-house team of expert translators converts the main content into a simpler and easier format that can be translated. The translators then create artwork that is ready for production by utilizing the translated content.

The in-house digital team of our company also takes part in providing translation services to our clients. The team follows a process based on 7 stages to translate a website content. This enables the creation of content on an international website.

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Following is a brief explanation of the 7 stages:

  1. The digital team formats content into cells that mirror the site layout and site map.
  2. Then, the content is translated into the required languages as chosen by the client.
  3. A duplicate site is created which is to be translated.
  4. The input of images, body copy, and navigation are done.
  5. The link is supplied to a demo site for approval by the client.
  6. The client is supplied with CMS access to make minor changes to content.
  7. The site is launched to a new URL or an already present web address.

Cost and Quote

When it comes to the translation quotes, our services are quoted project to project. The ultimate translation quote depends upon the volume and amount of content that needs to be translated.

Our company also provides clients with quotes on project completion which includes the launch of the prepared, translated website, production of final artwork, or printing of promotional content.

Why is choosing STARLink Global for Content Translation the best choice?

  • STARLink Global has a wide network of native tongue translators who are capable of translating your content.
  • Our company is an expert in both consumer translations and B2B.
  • Our website developers can make a website, printed literature, or final artwork out of your translated content.
  • STARLinks Global is expert in providing a one-stop solution to clients who are eager to create international marketing content.

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