Team Augmentation

Finding the right people can be difficult when you need specific expertise and experience, but it doesn't have to be.

Does your business require a temporary infusion of talent or a long-term technical partnership with a trusted, experienced, and talented software developer? We can provide the expertise at the right time with the skills you need to successfully go digital.

STARLink Global Team Augmentation Services

Recruitment is one of the biggest challenges around the globe, in any industry, especially in the world of software development. Finding the right candidate with enough experience and skills at the right price at the right time can be very costly and time-consuming. For this reason, many companies are now building their workforce with on-demand team building resources.

STARLink Global Team Augmentation services used by clients for:

  • The smooth running process from search to induction also costs and time effective.
  • Improvement in the level of overall quality.
  • Acquiring complete flexibility along with the option of scaling the team up and down.
  • Keeping control of the project while still receiving the benefit of external teams.
A happy team posing for the camera
Our Team Augmentation experts working together

Talented staff on demand

STARLink Global can boost in-house teams with skilled individuals. We can also provide experienced human resources on demand for .NET, C#, SQL, Azure, Web, Windows, and Mobile App development. QA Testers, including Test Automation specialists, are also available.

With our Augmented Team services, you get: on a sliding scale.

  • In Central London and Farnborough, technology development centers have competent staff
  • Multiple management models are available i.e.teams or single person working under the management
  • Team members are skilled in using the Agile Scrum Methodology

We provide clients with professional teams which include specialists which saves our clients recruitment costs and burdensome employment procedures. Team members available in STARLink Global schooled to incorporate seamlessly with you and align your goals efficiently with STARLink Global’s value-driven approach of providing high quality code, on a planned timeline, and (where needed) collaborating with STARLink Global’s team members to solve problems efficiently with a practical approach. We are accessible, sincere, and crystal clear. This means our teams work harmoniously to focus on efficient delivery and unbeaten quality.

STARLink Global Team Augmentation service allows clients to enhance in-house teams with experts, without inflated recruitment costs and onerous employment procedures. Team members at STARLink Global are trained to integrate seamlessly with you, and will efficiently align with your goals with STARLink Global value-driven approach of delivering high quality code, on an agreed schedule, collaborating with STARLink Global own team members (where appropriate) to solve problems quickly and pragmatically. We are open, honest & transparent and strive to live in our clients’ shoes. This means augmented teams work as a cohesive unit with a focus on efficient delivery and unmatched quality.

Working with STARLink Global

STARLink Global provides the best possible services to its clients at unexpected costs. The contract starts from a one-month commitment and can be extended for the needs of a client. We have the idea of the importance of flexibility in development projects, and we work with our clients to come up with a plan that works for their special requirements.

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