Source Code Recovery

We can provide atonement for the lost source code by redeveloping or recovering it for you. We can also rebuild damaged source code repositories.

Source code is displayed for source code recovery

What is included?

Protecting your assets

Keeping the Source Code Safe

Preserving original program logic

Recovering source code for VB Net, C#, Web Forms, Win Forms, WPF, MVC

Rebuilding broken source code repositories

So your in-house developers can work on the system again

Re-developing lost source code

If you don’t have in-house developers, as part of our Project Rescue Service, we can help you by re-creating working and buildable source code

Securing Access

Providing secure online access to it

Recovering lost source code

We can help recover lost source code from compiled executables or web servers

Decoding complicated binary files

So that you can read and process data that you thought was Lost

Ongoing support

Once we have retrieved the source code for you, we can offer the following additional support and services:

Adding Features or Developments

Once the source code is complete, we can add new features or optimise the code to complement new developments.

Code and Application support

STARLink Global provides Code and Application Support for the developed source code based on reliable services and dependable realtime management.

What Makes Us Unique

 At the heart of STARLink Global is a team of dreamers and doers who are laser focused on delivering value to our clients. We have a collective can-do attitude, the right skills to conquer challenges and the integrity to do the right thing always.


At STARLink Global, every job is a new challenge to be completed.

Time-Bound Professionals

We work with To-the-second precision which enables us to deliver work on time, we fulfil our commitment.

Value Givers

We enable our clients gain the maximum value with the correct choice of technology.

Ideas & Innovation

At STARLink Global Experience and Innovation goes hand in hand.

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