Software Project Rescue

We can quickly get your business back on the wheels in case there is some mishap with your software project or you have parted ways with your software developer

There can be multiple reasons for the failure of software projects or the new software is unable to fulfill your desired purpose. This can result in an imperfect and defective system. And it is the business that will have to pay the cost.

Reasons for the failure of software projects

But there is no reason to be scared. Starlink is there to help you. We have a large list of satisfied customers whom we have saved from the following situations

  • Inferior or incomplete projects
  • software not fulfilling purpose
  • companies leaving projects mid-way because of multiple reasons
  • the developer provides independent consultancy and has moved on
  • the developer failed to provide a quality project
  • software based on archaic programming language

STARLink Global Project Rescue: How we can provide help?

Starlink Global can help you in various ways. We have expert Architects, Software Developers, and Analysts. They can timely identify the problem, provide an explanation and come up with a solution to resolve problems smoothly. All of this enables our clients to focus on routine business issues while we are there to resolve technical issues.

How we have been able to rescue software projects:

  • Recover lost source code
  • To work again on the projects, broken source code repositors have to be rebuilt
  • poor performing databases returned
  • old systems maintained and updated
  • bug fixing
  • code documented
  • decoding of data so that it can be used again

We are at your service to resolve the software projects that have become a headache for you. You can call our team now at +44 (0) 1513146247

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