Software consultancy

Our software consultants can help you in identifying the technology barriers that exist between you and a more profitable business

Our goal is to help you align your business play with the prevailing technology through our experienced and unbiased software consultants.

An infographic of the meeting between the client and the software consultant
How do our Software Consultants help you?

We at STARLink Global provide you with the end-to-end support you require including;

  • We first try to grasp the basic understanding of your business and your current technology. Then we provide you with an independent recommendation customized to your needs.
  • We enable faster delivery service by adding external resources that complement the work your IT department is already performing.
  • We create your bespoke software solution by analyzing your requirements and carrying out assessments.
Understanding your business

Before making any recommendations the first step we carry out is engaging with your management and staff to understand how your business operates, the capabilities of your existing system, and, what efficiencies can be made. We also analyze what stands in the way of achieving this efficiency. This in turn helps us make recommendations that are accurate and effective in meeting the needs and requirements of your organization.


  • Quality reassurance
  • Requirement analysis
  • Application structure
  • Technical specification
  • Collaborative prototyping
Binary code is displayed on the screen and a software engineer is reviewing it
Two Software Developers providing consultancy to the client over Zoom call


  • System management
  • Development methodology
  • Coding standards


  • Stakeholders
  • Technical solutions
  • Business and support system comes together
  • Support plan
A Software developer reviewing software development code on three machines

About our Software Development Consultants

Our software consultants not only know what is required from a business perspective but also what is achievable from a technical point of view because they are highly experienced technical architects and software developers.

Our consultants offer you help and guidance in overcoming the challenges posed by the development of large-scale complex software systems along with providing you with a technology solution suited to your needs. Our consultants will help you face challenges such as;

  1. Late software delivery
  2. Help integrate new and existing systems
  3. going over budget, and the knock-on effects of reduced functionality
  4. resolving complexities/sensitivities with the alignment of company goals

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