All about hardware and software integration:

If you need to process data from your specialist hardware – for example readings from a thermometer or measuring device, streaming video from a camera, or anything else – we’ll create software to enable this.

For all the people who are looking for someone to process their data from specialist hardware, this is where the hardware and software data integration comes in. It reads from a thermometer or a measuring device and streams the video from the camera. With our expertise, we can easily create software for this. 

We have collaborated with numerous industries to develop hardware-integrated alternatives that foster advancement, increase cost-effectiveness, and streamline operations. From the development of a system for tracking food waste in restaurants to a platform that communicates with lasers via USB to handle the manufacturing of drug formulations, we have completed every project.

What is Software and Hardware Integration?

It needs four parts in its simplest form:

1) Hardware

Hardware is the actual tangible thing from which you wish to retrieve data. As an illustration, consider a thermostat, webcam, laser beams, gauges, a measuring tool, or even a robot.

3) A Connector

A connector is used to transport data between the hardware and a computer. Popular connectors include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and USB cables.

2) A Sensor

A sensor is a component that transforms an analog signal from hardware into electronic information so that a system can process it.

4) Software

Software is a set of instructions given to the hardware, such as what data to collect.

How can we assist you?

We can create the software you require, be it for a single hardware device or a number of them. We can develop computer, browser, smartphone, and tablet apps.

But that’s only half the story; for your system to be effective, the display page must be user-friendly. Due to this, we’ll incorporate things like:

  • A unique user interface (UI) dashboard that both you and other customers may use to quickly and easily display and comprehend the data obtained from your hardware, whether it is predefined or customizable for each user.
  • The capacity to safely retain substantial quantities of data or several tests indefinitely, allowing for data modification in the future.
  • Produce as many findings as necessary using a range of criteria for quick, straightforward reporting that can be downloaded or shared.

When readings depart from predetermined boundaries, automatic email notifications are sent.

Examples of Star link Global's software and hardware integration solutions

We have collaborated with several businesses and industrial areas. We have developed the following software, to name a few examples:

  • A browser system for Cocoms, a leader in health and food compliance services, to collect and analyze temperature readings. Without the requirement for human interaction, data is delivered via USB from a Saf-T-Log thermometer to a PC, a piece of third-party hardware.
  • A desktop program to track food waste at eateries. This process works on a Windows tablet and collects data from USB cameras as well as mechanical scales. After that, all of the data is uploaded to the cloud for a reporting system.

A desktop program for controlling the equipment used in the manufacture of capsules and tablets. The multilingual application complies with applicable FDA rules and covers European, Arabic, and Asian languages. It also interfaces with measurement devices and lasers through USB and RS232.

Process of Integrating Hardware and Software

The.NET Core framework and the C# programming languages are our preferred technologies. We use Microsoft Azure and Microsoft SQL Server for the database.

For your interconnected system, we also provide the following extra services:

Ongoing maintenance and support

Ongoing upkeep and maintenance, including a set service level agreement (SLA) and helpline accessibility to our internal developers.


We typically deal with Microsoft Azure as an approved Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider, but we can also handle your AWS infrastructure if that's what you choose.

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