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STARLink Global can design, construct and deliver your very next advertising campaign. We can efficiently meet the demands of any sort of advertising campaign ranging from local press campaigns to nationwide integrated campaigns.

Why should you choose STARLink Global for press advertising? The answer to this is plain and simple. We provide the best services and have a skillful team that will work diligently, making you stand out from the crowd and ensuring maximum return on your investment.

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STARLink Global has been providing its clients with top-notch, pocket-friendly press advertising campaigns for the past 9 years now. We take pride in the fact that our clients belong to several different sectors including fashion, food, furniture, electrical, automotive, and events.

Our services cover everything from planning, purchasing, and designing artwork to final assessment of the campaign. STARLink Global is the best place to get in touch with if you aim to take your press advertising to a higher level.

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Components of Press Advertising Services provided by STARLink Global

 At STARLink Global, the press advertising services are multifold with different components that will make your press advertising campaigns perfect. These components include creative advertising, media planning, and media buying.

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Creative advertising is a crucial component of any successful press advertising campaign. Our team of experts is known for their quality performances in this regard. From the initial planning to the final creation of artwork, everything is done in-house. The entire process is carried out under the keen supervision of our photographers, illustrators, and copywriters of creative advertising.

Media planning is another component of press advertising campaigns. STARLink Global makes sure that all of our press advertising campaigns are planned thoroughly and reach the appropriate audience that too at the right time with minimal cost. This becomes possible because we, at STARLink Global, have access to all the up-to-date media intelligence which includes demographics, readership, and circulation.

STARLink Global has emerged as an expert when it comes to purchasing media space on behalf of its clients. We have our accounts, all setup, with a majority of the local as well as national media groups. We are recognized as an official media industry. These factors help us in getting preferential rates for our clients.

Reasons to make STARLink Global your Press Advertising Partner

  • STARLink Global has an in-house, fully equipped, and creative graphic design studio where exceptional services are provided to clients for their press advertising campaigns.
  • Our team consists of professionals with wide experience across different sectors.
  • STARLink Global has been successfully providing press advertising services for 9 years.
  • Our rates will not burn a hole in your pocket.

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