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It’s crucial to know the differences between a responsive website, a mobile website, and a native mobile app while getting your website ready for mobile consumers.

Businesses are getting more and more concerned with the mobile user experience of their websites every day. Compared to websites that provide a desktop version, customers are about 67% more likely to buy from a mobile-friendly site.

Scope Of Web Design, Mobile Website And Application:

Businesses, however, must decide whether to choose a responsive website, a unique mobile website or a native mobile application. All three have advantages and drawbacks. Your choice will depend on your business type and the devices that most of your clients use. Nevertheless, it’s essential to comprehend each option because they may have a long-lasting effect on your company and how consumers experience you.

Since the number of people using the mobile internet has increased dramatically over the past few years, most marketers pay more attention to their mobile apps and websites. It offers the opportunity to improve user experience, increase sales, and get a competitive edge by reaching a larger audience.

Although everyone acknowledges the significance of mobile design, some still wonder if they should select a mobile app or a website. Let’s examine each of them separately.

Responsive Web Design:

Websites with responsive web design modify their size and design elements by the kind of device being utilised to access them. Since the number of people using mobile devices to access the internet has exploded over the past few years, responsive web design is almost necessary for every website. In 2013, mobile devices accounted for about 20% of all web traffic; in the years to come, this percentage will rise rapidly. Google favours responsive websites in its mobile search results, yet another reason for responsive web design.

Why Is Responsive Web Design Crucial? 

From the user’s perspective, responsive websites are preferred because the URL does not change, and they adapt automatically to the device used to access them. Since Google won’t index your mobile website separately, the latter is also beneficial for your website’s SEO. Additionally, they improve browsing for consumers because they eliminate the necessity for zooming in on pages to read them due to the change in size.

However, since a responsive website is essentially the same with a change in dimensions, it occasionally impacts how quickly pages load for mobile users.

Furthermore, you want visitors to view the essential pages on your mobile site because using a mobile device to navigate a website differs from using a desktop. You can even delete some pages for users on mobile devices altogether. That is not possible with responsive web pages, though. Additionally, you should make design changes only after your website is already famous and well-established.

Should You Choose A Responsive Website?

Generally speaking, yes. Due to the increase in mobile users, if you’re developing a new website or updating your current design, you should choose a responsive one. However, choose a dedicated mobile website if you need more time to change your existing design or want to establish a more focused website for mobile users that draws more action.

Dedicated Mobile Website:

Dedicated mobile websites and responsive websites have a few differences. A dedicated mobile website serves only mobile users, but responsive websites can adapt to desktop and mobile devices. However, design transfer is a trade-off when using desktop computers to access it. Suppose you have a mobile-specific website in addition to your desktop website. In that case, it will launch automatically whenever someone visits it from a mobile device.

Reasons To Choose A Dedicated Mobile Website:

Select a mobile website over a responsive one for several reasons. A mobile website is made to respond to the specific needs of users. It typically includes considerably more targeted information than a responsive website, is much less in size, and loads faster. For instance, if you own an e-commerce business, you’d want to keep your mobile website simple and direct users to product pages and payment choices.

On the other hand, dedicated mobile websites operate as separate entities with unique URLs, unlike responsive websites. Google would therefore need to index them individually for search results. Moreover, your website’s SEO may improve if you correctly manage redirects.

Should You Choose A Dedicated Mobile Website?

A mobile site is ideal if you already have an e-commerce website but want to keep its look the same and need help to create a mobile app right now. But responsive websites are a better choice for standard corporate websites and blogs.

Native Mobile Application:

Although it is the most expensive alternative, developing a native mobile application for your company is typically the best. You can more effectively meet your consumers’ high standards with a mobile application if you don’t worry about SEO and other external factors.

Mobile applications provide much more detailed user data and information than other platforms. It is more likely that users will take action because mobile applications are focused on certain features and activities. Additionally, apps are quicker than websites and typically do not require users to continually enter their billing and personal information to make a transaction. You can also use native apps without an online connection.

Cost Of Mobile Application:

The cost of developing a native mobile application is more than that of a responsive or mobile website, as was already mentioned. Additionally, you will typically need to create unique applications for well-known devices like Apple iOS and Android. Since the rewards are substantially more significant, the initial expenditure is typically higher than a responsive or mobile website.

Should You Choose A Native Mobile App?

Indeed, if you have the required funds, you want your consumers to perform specified tasks or sell things online. In addition to putting your business in a far better position than your competitors, having a mobile app will also give you much more sophisticated information on the trends and preferences of your customer base. To find out what devices your users are using to access your website, dig deep into your website statistics before creating a mobile application for a particular type of device.

Why STARLink Global

Each of these three choices has pros and cons of its own. You should often choose a responsive website and a mobile app if your budget permits it. It’s essential to carefully consider your clients, the devices they use to access your website, and the precise actions you want them to take. Select the one that currently fulfils your business objectives successfully while keeping all of these considerations in mind, along with your budget and maintenance costs.

Whether you need a responsive website, a unique mobile website, or a native mobile application, STARLink Global can help you. Our web designs are loved by many – see our testimonials from clients! 

We are proud to say that our web design team has designed over 800 web and graphic design projects from corporate identity – logo design to the full blown professionally designed and developed websites and print media for Liverpool and Manchester community and has helped many businesses to establish a strong competitive advantage.

STARLink Global’s main priority is to create simple, easy-to-use, websites that will help you win more business. Our web designers and developers are ready to design and develop your upcoming website. We will deliver you a designer product with an oomph factor!  Let’s get it started. 

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