Legacy Software Modernisation

Infuriating, isn’t it? Slow underperforming legacy IT system is making you waste your money. Here’s the solution. Our services aid you with some intriguing systems to elevate your business. We can provide you with a powerful system that will help you build your business.

Our daily legacy modernization service means no daily hassle with outdated legacy systems. StarLink Global will smoothly replace or rebuild the legacy systems that will enable your business to continue without disturbance.

What is Legacy Software?

Although it is getting harder to manage outdated systems, many businesses still depend on legacy systems. Finding skilled staff who can deal with outdated technology stacks is getting harder. Moreover, conventional systems frequently use expensive and unreliable legacy hardware. Above all, when system security is questioned and upgraded, it is nothing but daunting.

Legacy Modernisation Challenges

A few of the most common challenges faced by businesses regarding legacy modernization are mentioned below:

  • The complexity of continuing software, along with undocumented process complexity.
  • Uncertain management as if modernization investment is required or not.
  • Business disruption during the process.
  • Are adequate resources to facilitate the software project present or not?
  • Management of modernization costs.

Reasons to consider Legacy Modernisation

The first step toward true business agility is Legacy software modernization. We have the idea that clients want to adapt and answer to market change quickly, cost effective and pleasant staff. Starlink Global can deliver your legacy software modernization to replace the laborious manuals so that we can deliver high quality products to its clients. Modern software systems enable our users to take advantage of cutting-edge developments like cloud technology, big data, and flexibility that are unlocking significant commercial value.

STARLink Global Modernisation Process

Research and Businesses Insights

We understand that our clients know the need for modern software to support a prospering business, but we always know it is a demoralizing prospect.

But you do not have to fret. Our clients are in safe hands. We do not start the work right away, but first spend time learning about the client’s business, its continuing concerns, and challenges, as well as integrating all of these into our new system.  We also take into account the changes they recommend for the workflow procedure and the features that are necessary for them to do their duties. This is important since each organization has a different approach to updating client technology.

Time is spent thoroughly analyzing and documenting existing systems, ensuring that no stone is left unturned. We learned from our experience that this is the main part of a smooth system changeover. At the early design stage, we provide a prototype for a new system to help clients have an idea of how it will work, basically how it will look, feel and work.

Modernisation Options

There are two options available for clients:

  • We may either transfer certain functionalities, such as confidential data or formulae, to a new system that can work well with cutting-edge technology.
  • Alternately, create a brand-new system with the option to “Switch off” the outdated legacy system at the culmination of the operation.

Most of the time, to upgrade your legacy system, data from the conventional system must be transferred, or technically, “drifted,” to the new system. In some situations, data synchronization between the old and new systems is necessary to enable a side-by-side system deployment. Customers can rely on us to make sure the process runs successfully since we have a lot of experience managing difficult data transfer circumstances.

The most advanced and potent technologies are selected from among them to create a system design that maximizes efficiency:

  • Managing the data intake.
  • Simplifying the flow of data via the various workflow steps.
  • Ensuring that the team completes the duties.
  • Send out a notification if something seems out of the ordinary.
  • Walking the user through each activity to ensure that nothing is lost due to misunderstanding or wrong input.

The outcome of all this would be informed to the respective management, along with productive users and happy clients.

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