Internet of Things (IoT) Software Services

STARLink Global provides IoT software services for the businesses of its clients. In this particular service, we develop IoT solutions and services for various sectors like med-tech, automotive, healthcare, everyday products, and manufacturing.

Our company provides secure, scalable, and personalized IoT software services to its clients. Our team consists of experts who have extensive technical knowledge about IoT software services. The project management provided by STARLink Global is fast and effective. The IP addresses of our clients are fully secure and protected.

Internet of Things
IoT Services provided by STARLink Global

STARLink Global uses the latest technology in the development of IoT software services for its clients. We also provide the possibility of product certification to our clients for their satisfaction and ease.

Our company has an entire portfolio that comprises successful projects and case studies regarding the IoT software services that we have provided to our clients belonging to different industrial sectors, both local and international.

IoT Services provided by STARLink Global

STARLink Global provides a variety of IoT services to its clients, making it one of the best companies around.

IoT Hardware

Our Company helps clients design and develop their smart products. We also handle firmware development and advise key components of the IoT ecosystem for our clients. The input of clients is given prime importance.

IoT Cloud

Our Company has a team of certified and expert cloud architects who are always ready to help our clients. These architects maintain and implement the public cloud architecture from chief providers like Azure, AWS, and GCP to perform an infinite number of operations on data collected from the smart devices of clients.

IoT Connectivity

STARLink Global is proud to have a team of skilled, experienced, and hardworking IoT system engineers on board. These engineers add Wi-Fi, cellular, Bluetooth, RFID, and other kinds of safe and wireless connectivity and control to the products of our clients.

IoT Software

In this type of service, our company develops the IoT application for our clients by using an iterative methodology. We launch the first version of the application within 3-6 months. The features of the application are all high-priority.

IoT Analytics and Data Management

STARLink Global provides its clients with transparent dashboards which will help them manage a large amount of data. These dashboards enable our clients to view trends and make swift business decisions based upon live, real-time data.

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