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STARLink Global provides expertise and aid to small and large businesses to help them develop applications that enable them to grow and bring value to their customers.

When you’re not leading your voice, data, application infrastructure, or taking calls from frustrated users, your IT department’s major focus will be developing a company-wide, core-infrastructure application. Despite an inclination towards doing it, tackling departmental-specific difficulties and designing these ad-hoc applications can be very difficult for you to achieve, especially since the birth of BYOD. No worries!! STARLink Global will provide for you in this journey.

How we can help you

STARLink Global can also understand that when you’re dealing with a third-party software development firm it can feel alien and invasive. That’s why we view ourselves as a part of your enterprise IT department when we collaborate with you — we will offer you a helping hand, not create more difficulties in your life.

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You can improve your scope to deliver for your company easily without adding unnecessary administrative strain or burden on your unit by utilising our qualified and systematic application development skills.

You can depend on us to deliver:

STARLink Global is a well-established, properly staffed, and supervised software development company with over 9 years of experience. We will take a briefing, help you in creating your elaborated needs, and then deliver the product you need on time and under budget.

We utilise Microsoft SQL Server and.NET to construct our applications, as well as Microsoft-based Rapid Application Development and Automated Testing tools. This assures that we offer you a solution that was specially created in a traditional development environment.

Our in-house staff in Liverpool, UK is responsible for all development. We don’t hire anyone else to conduct our development work.

You will be receiving complete ownership of all IP rights.

Since we aren’t using proprietary technology or plug-ins, every Microsoft-trained programmer can work on the code without needing to know anything specific about proprietary technology.

Our goal is to provide you with a perfect solution to your company’s needs, not just business apps. We accomplish this by delivering a fully functional application that can be integrated into your existing facilities or can be hosted as a cloud-based software by us.

Ongoing IT support

After the project ends, you’ll gain complete access to STARLink Global’s helpline, which you can use to deliver ongoing assistance either straightforwardly to end-users or as a Tier-2 to your current helpdesk service.

This strategy guarantees that our team will continue to support your application in accordance with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that is relevant to your organisation.

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