Commercial Photography

We, at STARLink Global, aim to provide high-quality and low-cost photography for our international and local clients. Thus, we own our digital photographic equipment, lights, and software to deliver our services exceptionally. For clients looking for commercial photographic solutions, we provide end-to-end solutions; we offer either standalone photography or services for larger projects such as websites, exhibitions, or catalogs.

We offer services on short notice as well. Since we own our digital equipment, we are ready to swiftly reach the desired location should the opportunity arise. In addition to this, our photography process is detail-oriented and based on pre-planning; we make sure all the equipment, props, and other materials are ready before the big day.

photoshoot of fashion industry

What we do

Following are the steps that we ensure are included in our commercial photography process:


This is the most important phase as it allows for the smooth running of the project while also allowing ‘buy-ins’ and approval of all involved parties. Within this phase, the planning begins with a creative meeting with the clients. This helps us to make a storyboard filled with thumbnails of the sort of pictures we are looking to capture.

Art direction:

This job is entrusted to an art director who is present for all photographic projects. The director ensures that the design and branding of any work taken transfers across the new photography. The director also makes sure that the style and format for the photography are as required.

Photographic location services:

STARLink global also provides location services. We can look for the perfect location for your shoot while cross-referencing it with the architectural sites to get the perfect backdrop. We can provide a list of locations, indoor and outdoor, including initial images. We have a broad range of categories available including; education and sport, industry and commerce, galleries, manors and mansions, hospitals, etc.

Aerial drone video photography:

some clients require us to capture the beauty of the landscapes or where the scale of an organization is required. For such clients, we have partners who we work with on providing aerial and drone videography.

Site visit:

This is specific to location shoots. For such shoots, it is necessary to visit the site pre-shoot to plan for any additional pieces of equipment, lighting, electrics, or props that might be required. This would also help ensure that the site is ready before the shoot.

Models, styling, and props:

Some photoshoots, especially for lifestyle and fashion industries, require models and we can cast the right person. Although some clients prefer to use their employees, some look to cast professional or specific types of models. We can also provide stylists and makeup artists to complete the look.

Stock photographs:

stock imaging is required when it’s simply not cost-effective for our clients to have the photographs they need. For such clients, we have multiple accounts with the leading stock photography library which would allow us to have the images sourced, purchased, and administered on your behalf. It is common knowledge that stock images can never be owned, so we carefully select royalty-free images that require one-time payment, and last you a lifetime.

Photography for PR:

PR photography, such as for press releases or blogs, is often required on short notice and we at STARLink global can reach any location swiftly. If the location is out of the site then we can hire local photographers to capture the images on our behalf.

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