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Through Blockchain technology, you can change the way your business works and improve your processes. through the use of Blockchain applications, you can make digitized transactions anywhere anytime without the use of trusted third parties or intermediaries.

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What is Blockchain?

Many industries and companies are still unaware of what Blockchain is. So to recognize its importance for your business you first need to understand what Blockchain is. Blockchain is a sort of distributed digital ledger that stores and records information of any kind but especially ownership of non-fungible tokens (NFT) and cryptocurrency transactions. What is unique about Blockchain is that it is decentralized, unlike other centralized databases. So information can be stored on multiple computers across a network rather than being maintained at a single location.

Understanding Blockchain through its layers

There are different layers present within the Blockchain for its smooth functionality. These layers are called stacks for that is how they are arranged. These stacks depend on the functioning of other stacks to perform efficiently and smoothly.

The Blockchain technology stack generally comprises four layers namely;

1. The internet layer: this lies at the bottom of the stack. The operation of each Blockchain depends solely on a stable internet connection.

2. The Blockchain layer: this is stacked above the internet layer and its limitations are solely due to the layer beneath it. A high level of centralization at the internet layers demands the Blockchain layer to be innovative and compensate for the problems caused by the internet layer.

3. The application layer: this layer lies above the Blockchain layer and provides a medium for the users to interact with the Blockchain network.

4. The user experience layer: Though Blockchains provide a decentralized form of service and governance, it is still very new and complex for the general public to adopt in their day-to-day lives. Newer and better user interfaces are being developed daily to make the experience of a Blockchain user smooth and effortless.

Why your business needs a Blockchain solution?

Using a Blockchain solution in your current business transaction will affect your bottom line along the following lines:


Blockchain technology will allow you to make faster payments without the need for a centralized authority. DLT or Distributed Ledger Technology allows you to make your payments at a minimum cost.

Limitless cloud storage:

Blockchain-based encrypted storage provides improved security and efficiency. It also allows you to store heaps of data without worrying about storage.

Reduced costs:

Blockchain removes the need for intermediaries, increasing visibility and eradicating extra costs.

Information Tracking:

Blockchain technology makes it enormously easy to track information through its record keeping and provenance tracking functionalities.

Blockchain ledger system:

information is only accepted and released to entrusted parties through the Blockchain’s online ledger system

Digital security:

Blockchain technology allows for fast and secure transactions without fear of fraud or misuse of information.

Services we offer

We offer the following services at STARLink Global:

1. Android app development

2. AR app development

3. AI development

4. IOS App development

5. VR app development

6. Internet of Things

7. PHP web development

8. Wearable app development

5. Blockchain development

6. Dedicated resources

7. Game development

8. Salesforce development

Process we follow

1. Requirement gathering

We at STARLink global understand the requirements presented to us by the clients and integrate the required functionalities to be integrated into the app. Requirement gathering allows us to draw an efficient development plan and transform the client’s requirements into a functional and efficient app.

3. Prototype

We test the user’s reaction to the UI and UX designs by developing a preliminary visualization of what the app would look like.

5. Quality assurance

The apps developed by STARLink Global are bug-free because they go through a series of tests before deployment. Through these tests the developers ensure they meet the requirements of the clients as well as provide an excellent user experience.

7. Support and maintenance

We also offer our clients post-deployment support and maintenance.

2. UI/UX Design

Our developers design the apps using UI trends that are not only pleasing for the clients but also simple and convenient to use for the end-users.

4. App development

We develop high-quality mobile apps for different operating systems through our team of experts in Native, Hybrid, and cross-platform app development using Xamarin, Kotlin, swift languages, etc.

6. Deployment

We ensure, through the best possible practices while deployment, that the apps are easily visible to prospective users on app stores.



Google cloud platform or GCP is a public cloud vendor that allows access to computer resources housed in Google’s data centers around the world on either a pay-per-use basis or for free. GCP allows its customers access to computing services from data management to GCP cost management to AI and machine learning tools to delivering web and video over the web.


Azure Blockchain workbench is a new cloud platform that helps you reduce the effort and time needed for the deployment and configuration of a Blockchain network. This is developer friendly and is also handy for Blockchain networks. Azure Blockchain Workbench supports the main Blockchain platforms and, using Microsoft flow and logic apps can be easily integrated with existing applications and systems.


Amazon introduced a new AWS solutions implementation called Service Workbench on AWS enabling IT teams to provide repeatable, secure, and federated access to tools, data, and computing power required by researchers. Service Workbench allows researchers to not worry about configuring and managing cloud infrastructure. Researchers are then able to create stand-up research environments while also sharing data with peers within and across institutions.

Why choose STARLink Global for Blockchain development?

Become an undisputed leader in the Blockchain space with STARLink global as your development partner. We offer the best possible services to your business through;

  • Industry and process expertise
  • An elite team of Blockchain experts
  • Cost-effective and timely delivery
  • Flexible engagement models
  • Innovative and agile methodologies
  • Complete transparency
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