Application Support and Software Maintenance

Let nothing stop you. Not even an application.

Organisations are continuously evolving and so is their shift from legacy systems to more contemporary counterparts. As applications and software grow complex, their maintenance requirements grow in direct proportion. More importantly, these maintenance needs are dynamic and require specialised skills with time dedication. It is no simple play. This is where application maintenance and support service providers come into the picture.

Organizations can improve software performance and customer satisfaction, continually adapt, and troubleshoot mission-critical systems, reduce software application maintenance costs, and redeploy knowledge workers to more strategic initiatives. Implementation of app maintenance services also helps in maintaining existing mission-critical IT applications and infrastructure and developing the next innovation, simultaneously.

When you find a strategic partner in application maintenance services, you transform your workload, free up your best people to innovate and propel your organisation on its digital transformation journey.

Application maintenance and support services enable organisations to remain tension-free and concentrate on the core processes.

Implement best practices

Organisations need access to best-in-class tools and practices that allow you to deliver higher-quality service, increase collaboration, and support data-driven decision-making. For optimised performance across the enterprise, companies count on The Mango Tech to create transparency and a proven application maintenance and support methodology.

Start transforming your business

STARLink Global helps customers manage the reality of shrinking IT budgets, talent shortages, and application support risks that stand in the way of innovation. Our customers not only save money but transform and modernise their environments to make their workload more efficient and achieve better business outcomes.

Business Expertise

We have analysts with horizontal and vertical, industry and function-specific knowledge that help IT executives identify non-strategic work trends, provide real-time comprehensive reports, and implement process-driven methods. We delve into the unique aspects of managing and supporting our customers’ business.

Improve performance

When it comes to your applications, we believe transparency is the optimisation vehicle. The Mango Tech uses ITIL-aligned core metrics to produce accurate and consistent reporting so you can measure output to improve efficiency and do the right work the right way.

Transparency and Best-in-class Tools

STARLink Global leverages industry best practices and state-of-the-art tools to help organisations decrease software application maintenance costs and meet expectations with mutually agreed-upon service level agreements. STARLink Global uses the latest methodology and tools for application maintenance to keep pace with the current and evolving ITIL service management standards. We provide complete visibility and control for all the facets of support and development tasks so you can properly plan, manage, and deliver maintenance and development.

Measure. Plan. Do.

STARLink Global works with customers to develop processes that enable continuous improvement and monitor additional performance metrics for each situation. While ITIL-aligned metrics serve as the core, we adapt performance measurement as needed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of applications.

Success Story

Transforming the Application Workload

When STARLink Global was chosen as an application maintenance service provider for a global company, it significantly reduced the cost and number of full-time employees required to perform “run” activities. While total costs increased by just three percent over multiple years, capacity increased by 10% and resources available for higher-value activities increased by 350%.

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