Application Security Testing Services

The definition of security is a bit ambiguous. Security is defined as an activity undertaken by an individual or an organization to protect an asset. This applies to cybersecurity as well. But the ambiguousness about security is that no asset can be completely secure or completely insecure. However certain steps can be taken to ensure maximum security.

STARLink Global offers an application security program, consisting of the following standards:

  • Basic penetration testing
  • Secure coding practices
  • General best coding practices
  • Vulnerability scanning
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Why is security important?

The term cybersecurity has become common nowadays because of the increasing threats of hackers to multiple businesses. The majority of cyber-attacks are carried out by highly skilled criminally associated hackers. Such hackers are the cause of the loss of millions of dollars every year.

So the time has come to make application security testing seriously and STARLink Global is here to application security testing services.

What does STARLink Globals’ Application Security Programme consist of?
  1. In the sprint 0 stage, threat modeling is carried out to point out any security risks of the project that might need to be taken into consideration in the final estimation and design.
  2. Once a month, during the development phase, Static Application Security Testing (SAST), Software Composition Analysis (SCA), and Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) are performed throughout the project.
  3. After the development phase, penetration testing This phase takes into account all the weak areas that can not be found through automated testing while also complementing the areas which can be with further dive testing.
  4. After remediating all weak areas found during penetration testing, the support phase During this phase, SCA, DAST, and SAST are performed regularly, once a month.

Further information

Threat modeling includes identifying any threats, countermeasures, vulnerabilities, and attacks, that can affect the application to be, early on. In the Sprint 0 phase, the experts analyze your application to be and identify any threats and vulnerabilities that can be caused by the features, designs, or areas’ decisions.

It is a manual approach through which the same tasks are performed as a real-life hacker/attacker to identify any hard to catch issues present in the application.

SCA is the process through which open-source components along with their dependencies are checked against our known database of packages with their own versions and vulnerabilities. This allows us to keep an eye on our open-sourced packages and reduces the risk of threats through open-source packaging.

Using state of the art machinery, the entire codebase of the project is analysed to detect any issues with the code which could later result in vulnerabilities.

DAST is the type of application security testing through which experts can evaluate how the applications will perform in the real world. DAST checks for certificate issues, deployment issues, configuration errors and exploitable vulnerabilities, not just flaws.

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