Application Migration to Cloud

Application Migration Services - Your Business Transformation Key

Are you tired of orthodox and old-school legacy applications? Do you fantasize transforming your business with application migration services, like the big sharks of the enterprise realm? You’re exactly where you need to be. STARLink Global specialises in digital upgrading your legacy systems to application migration to cloud, in order for your business model to match the hi-paced tech-savvy trends of the 21st Century.

What Are Application Migration Services?

We believe in the modernisation of your applications and operational systems, with the help of market-leading cloud migration services. With a team based on experts flaunting years of experience in the field of application migration; we’re here to enhance, improve and optimize the performance of your applications.

This process includes moving your application software from one working environment to another. This can be done between on-site environments and cloud, public cloud and private cloud or even between the data centres.

Why Application Migration Services?

Why does your business need to switch to application migration? Here’s why!

  • The most important thing for any business is the user. Through application migration to cloud, you can increase the speed of deployment for users overall, which will increase the speed and efficiency of your business.
  • Increased scalability through cloud allows you to pay bills for only the resources you use. This is integral when the users are high during some point of the year, in order to plan for growth.
  • Through application migration services, you can brush off the responsibility of manually pushing updates and maintaining the legacy system; as your service provider will offer you full-scale maintenance as well.
  • Whether it is your user’s data, the business’s own data or any data which might hold any value, safeguarding it is a priority for any business. Through physical data centre security, the service provider will safeguard your data against any harmful and unnecessary breaches.

What Is The Process?

Initial Analysis:

The first phase includes every step taken, in order to ensure that your business profits from this application migration to cloud. These application migration services include analysing the impact on the business, the complexity related to the migration and cost of the development and maintenance.

The cost analysis includes a comparison of the older application and the new migration i.e. the cost of the new development, as well as the cost which the client needs to bare for the deployment.

Risk Management & Planning:

Once the cost of migrating from a legacy application to a cloud-based one is deemed effective by the client, the next phase begins with calculating and identifying the time attached to this migration. In this timeline, we shall also identify all the risks and shortcomings in effect to the migration, to give a clear and transparent picture to our clients.

Development & Migration:

The next phase is the final one, the actual migration. A prototype shall be put in place as well, in order to rat out any final blocks there might be. Once that is done, the migration process from one environment to another begins and is completed.

Why STARLink Global Application Migration Services?

  • STARLink Global is a Professional Cloud Service Provider (CSP) specializes in helping companies, enterprises, businesses and any other model of work in achieving well-planned, organized and smooth migration from legacy applications to cloud.
  • Our experts ensure that you do not have to pay heavily through a legacy system. Regardless of wherever your old system might sit, such as .NET, our experts know the right way to migrate them to Microsoft Azure; precisely.
  • Although we have to start from scratch and take it towards testing and then launching, that’s what we’re so good at.
  • Above all, our process is exceptionally transparent, taking you in the loop at every corner. This is easier for us, as migrating and updating according to your requirements.

Are you sick and tired of your conventional legacy system applications? So are we. At STARLink Global, we want to see our clients blossom and make their mark in the market, through the slightest competitive edge we might be able to give them. So, get in touch with us and let’s talk about how we can make your business stand out!

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